Meet Malachi!

Meet 12-year-old Malachi. He was diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He is unable to walk without assistive devices. He uses crutches for short distances and a wheelchair for longer periods of time. He is a strong boy despite his challenges.


Malachi has an array of interests. He likes watching the classic sitcom, Family Matters. His favorite movie is the hit Black Panther. He especially enjoys reading. His  favorite books are from The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner series. His other hobby is playing guitar. Malachi is a cool dude, too. He is eager to have a good time with his friends and family. Malachi  is resilient and never lets struggles keep him down. He could be concerned with his own challenges, but instead always focuses on the needs of other people, especially his siblings. Malachi can be described in a single word. Perfect.


Malachi needs a wheelchair to improve his postural support and provide independence. His old chair is too small and painful. Please be his sponsor!



Malachi has been is the same wheelchair since he was 5 years old. His parents fought insurance for about 2 years to get him a new one. Exhausted with the fight they reached out to wheelchairs 4 Kids for a new wheelchair, and boy does he look better in it! We are so happy to be able to help this amazing young boy once again.