Maryn’s Story!


Wheelchairs 4 Kids helped Maryn get a water walker. This adaptive device is allowing  Maryn to walk in water, without gravity, during therapy thus strengthening her legs and helping her to progress.

Nine-year-old Maryn was diagnosed with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Palsy. These illnesses cause a variety of frustrations for the young girl. Verbal communication is difficult. She also has a hard time sitting upright without support. Maryn just had reconstructive surgery on both of her legs and the goal is to try to get her walking in the near future.

Maryn listens to Zumba music. She moves her shoulders and shakes her colorful beads to the upbeat songs. The sweet girl also spends time with her grandpa. They sit together and watch the fast-paced thrill of NASCAR. Sometimes Maryn does not feel very good and only one thing is a cure for her ails. Chocolate! Any girl likes this tempting treat, and Maryn is no exception. However, Maryn’s determination is what makes her exceptional!