Meet McKenzie!



Meet five-year-old Mackenzie. She was diagnosed with spina bifida. Her illness resulted in many limitations. Mackenzie is nonverbal, but she has created her own language to communicate. Mackenzie also cannot walk. She is undergoing training to eat soft foods, but using a g-tube is her primary way to receive nutrition.  Mackenzie refuses to be constrained by these challenges.


Mackenzie enjoys several fun pastimes. She is a fan of the television shows, Oscar & Allie and Paw Patrol. She loves to dance to upbeat children’s music. Mackenzie also likes exercising on a therapy mat. She even feels great taking a stroll in the outdoors.  Most of all, this disabled girl lives to laugh. She was voted as having the best laugh in preschool. Her joviality is infectious. People who meet Mackenzie cannot help but smile.


Mackenzie needs a special Hi Lo Activity chair that will provide a safe seating option and will grant her a bit of  independence at home. 


McKenzie received her Activity chair recently. This activity chair provides a safe and comfortable seating alternative to her wheelchair when she’s home.