Meet Abcde!



Meet six-year-old Abcde. She was diagnosed with spina bifida. She also had a shunt in her brain to relieve fluid pressure. Abcde has many complications due to her challenges. She walks with assistive devices but falling is a frequent concern. Abcde is visually impaired, too. She is a happy girl even with her obstacles.

Abcde loves many fun things like other girls her age. She is a huge fan of Disney’s Frozen. She has everything from the hit film, DVD, music and books. Abcde also enjoys playing with her Baby Alive doll, which acts like a real infant. Abcde feeds and diapers this creative toy with the compassion and gentleness of a mom. Abcde also works hard to remain healthy; her favorite activity is swimming and exercising in water. Throughout the day, Abcde does one more thing without fail. She always smiles. This unique girl with a beautiful name is amazingly brave, completely delightful and everybody’s inspiration.

Abcde needs a Rifton adaptive tricycle to improve her strength and stamina. Please help to improve this sweet girl’s life by being a generous sponsor!



Abcde loves her new trike. She rolls around the neighborhood showing off her new wheels in style! This therapy trike provides Abcde hours of fun while her muscles get an extra workout! Great job Abcde! Keep it going!