Aicha received a new adaptive tricycle!



Twelve-year-old Aicha is all smiles! She received her customized adaptive tricycle and she can’t wait to ride it! Aicha has been through so much. She was a healthy girl until complications during a surgery in March of 2017. The result was a spinal cord injury and paraplegia. She has muscle tightness and weakness in her legs. Aicha can now only walk using assistive devices. These are new challenges for Aicha, and she fights to retain a happy childhood.

Aicha is similar to other girls her age. She works hard at school in the sixth grade. At home, she relaxes by watching her favorite movie, Frozen. Aicha has seen the movie enough times that she knows every line and lyric. She also enjoys listening to the latest popular music on either YouTube or the radio. Aicha, like many young girls, loves soft and furry kitties. Her other favorite animal is a pony. Aicha would prefer to have the real thing, but she is satisfied playing with her toy pony collection. Aicha appears to be a normal 12-year-old girl. In fact, not many her age can lose nearly every capability and still be positive about life. Aicha defines extraordinary.

Aicha will use the new adaptive tricycle to exercise. The trike will also give Aicha more opportunities to have fun riding around the park with her family and friends. Go Aicha!