Meet Alfonsina!



Meet 4-year-old Alfonsina. She was born several weeks premature. A year later Alfonsina was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has many limitations, however, the determined girl continues to learn how to perform simple tasks. She recently had hip surgery, and is currently training how to walk. She is beginning to feed herself. Her communications skills, although underdeveloped, are improving.  Alfonsina also works hard to sit upright without assistance. She is even resolute to have a great childhood.

Alfonsina takes family vacations. Her favorite place is Disney’s Magic Kingdom. She especially likes seeing the beautiful princesses. During relaxing days at home, she enjoys being artistic in a couple ways: Alfonsina colors with crayons and her pictures hang on a fridge for all to admire! She also likes making music on her toy piano and on instruments in her music class at school.

 Alfonsina listens to a wide variety of music. A song will play and she raises her arms as if to say, “Lift me up mama and let’s dance!” Alfonsina does not just work hard at having a wonderful life. She is also determined to be darn cute!

Alfonsina needs a gait trainer to help improve her leg strength and stamina. Please be a sponsor soon!


Alfonsina gives small steps every day. She is working hard to begin walking independently. She has discovered freedom with her new gait trainer and loves the challenge each step brings. Keep going Alfonsina!