Meet Ariel!


Ariel M. pic front

Meet 17 year-old Ariel. This young man was diagnosed with spina bifida. He uses a motorized wheelchair for mobility. Ariel can still transfer himself to and from the wheelchair without assistance. Nothing keeps him down.

Ariel is a very cool and loving teenager. Remove his disability and he is like any other guy his age with similar interests. Ariel loves watching Star Wars and WWE wrestling. His favorite food is pizza straight from the oven. He also agrees with most teens who cannot wait to begin PE  and get a break from boring schoolwork. Include his disability and Ariel becomes remarkable. He plays baseball with a pro’s passion while using his wheelchair. He loves his family, too. Ariel and his sister are best friends. He would protect her like a brave knight in armor. If honorable has a name, then call him Ariel.

Ariel needs a lift for the family vehicle so he can go to baseball practice. His motorized chair is too heavy and the lift will help to improve his quality of life. Be a sponsor for the young man soon!


Ariel and his family are enjoying the wheelchair carrier everyday as it has made their daily activities so much easier!