Meet Ava!

Ava F Photo


Meet 4 year-old Ava. The little girl was diagnosed with Agenesis of the corpus callosum, a congenital brain disorder which results in many ordeals. She is unable to speak. Ava’s motor skills are also underdeveloped and she is just beginning to walk. She still has the strength to persevere.

Ava has two very special best-friends. She has a rescue Labrador and they  chase each other around the house.. She loves stroking the dog’s soft fur and giving the animal hugs. Ava also adores her grandmother, who takes care of the disabled child with unsurpassed compassion. They listen to classical music and play on their piano. Ava and grandma also visit the beach where they build sand castles. The grandma and granddaughter are generations apart, but they are as close as a single heartbeat.

Ava needs an adaptive tricycle to promote better leg strength and stamina. Plus, she will enjoy a new way to have fun! Be a sponsor for Ava.



Ava got her new adaptive tricycle at our Jail & Bail launch. She loved cruising around showing off her new skills. It was amazing to watch the excitement in her eyes every time she turned a corner. It was a great honor to be there to enjoy the moment.


Ava and her grandmother are enjoying the warm summer weather and taking long rides in the afternoon.