Meet Blake!



Meet nine-year-old Blake. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is cognitively underdeveloped. He is also nonverbal. Blake has other limitations. He cannot walk and a wheelchair helps him to be independent. Blake is a happy boy despite his illnesses.


Blake is described as a cool kid with a fun personality.  He enjoys reading from his library of 100 books. He even uses them for pranks. Blake hides his books and laughs while mom and dad embark on a wild Mother Goose chase. Blake is especially a baseball fanatic. His room is overflowing with memorabilia from the sport. He takes every opportunity to watch baseball with his family. Blake likes to play with a t-ball in his yard and pretend that he is a big leaguer in a World Series game. He connects bat and ball with a thunderous crack and the crowd cheers his name. In reality, his mom and dad clap and cheer each moment Blake takes a swing with the plastic bat. Hit or miss, Blake steals their hearts and he always makes it home.


Blake needs a new ramp for his house. He has a seven-year-old ramp that is currently slippery and unsafe. Please be a generous sponsor soon!



Blake and his family have a newly updated ramp! Thanks to some amazing volunteers Blake’s ramp is now safe once again for him to use. Now he can enter and exit his home without having to worry about the ramp cracking beneath him!