Meet Brian C!



Meet 10 year-old Brian. He was born several weeks premature and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy immediately after his birth. He also suffered from oxygen deprivation and was hospitalized for over 3 months.  He is now unable  to walk without complete assistance. Brian, however, is described as very stubborn and ambitious despite challenges that threaten to slow him down.  

Brian works hard to succeed. In school the intelligent boy is the top of his class. He is an A student. Brian clearly loves learning! He is also interested in public speaking. Brian can fearlessly deliver a message to a large crowd. And, he has a special way of captivating the audience. One of his speeches even won the Tropicana Speech Award. He is a very articulate child, but his drive for excellence is truly inspiring.

Brian is requesting a manual wheelchair so he can be more independent. He really needs to find a giving sponsor to keep his success moving forward.


Brian was presented his new wheelchair and even got interviewed by Mark Wilson! He was so excited to be in a comfortable chair he kept repeating: “I love my new chair, it’s soo comfortable and fast!”

Brian’s mom eyes filled with tears of joy as she watched her son in his new chair. “We’ve just been waiting for this for so long…”