Meet Brittany!


Brittany B Photo


Meet 16 year-old Brittany. This young lady fractured her foot many years ago and she now suffers from chronic regional pain syndrome. Brittany endured several procedures and countless hours of therapy to regain normal use of her foot. She remains a positive teenager despite her pain.

Brittany is an intelligent individual who enjoys a variety of pastimes. She likes creative pursuits such as   writing and scrap booking. She also spends time with her friends visiting popular hangout sections of town. Brittany’s dream date, however,   would be eating mozzarella sticks with Patrick Dempsey at Applebee’s restaurant.

 She is a sports fan, too. Lazy days at home include watching Clemson college football with her mom and dad. In fact, nothing is as important to Brittany as her parents. They are the unbeatable home team and Brittany is the motivating cheerleader who inspires everyone with her positive attitude and winning smile.



Brittany got a new light weight wheelchair!!! She is all smiles. Off to high school!