Meet Cristiano!



Meet four-year-old Cristiano. He had a difficult birth. He lost oxygen and was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cristiano has a couple challenges resulting from his illness. He is nonverbal. He also cannot eat without using a g-tube. This young child puts aside his struggles as he lives each day for the moment.


Cristiano is very passionate about his activities. He watches the Disney Channel and Mickey Mouse is his favorite character. Cristiano laughs and smiles whenever he sees the iconic mouse on television. The boy becomes very sad when his favorite shows end. Cristiano also was thrilled  to play with therapy dogs at school. He cried when play time was over and the dogs had to go home. Cristiano is a sensitive and loving child. Cristiano is also at the center of a sweet family. They describe the boy as a blessing and an angel. In truth, this is a family of angels. Meet Cristiano and find a bit of Heaven.


Cristiano needs a vehicle lift for easier transportation. Please be a generous sponsor!



Cristiano’s mom says life has completely changed for them. “It is so much easier going out!” You can see the huge smile on everyone’s face as they delight in the brand new wheelchair lift.