Daesejanique gets adaptive stroller!



Hip hip hooray! Eleven-year-old Daesej’anique received a customized adaptive stroller. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, each day this brave girl struggles with seizures and asthma. She is non-verbal and is unable to walk. Daesej’anique is described as a trooper.

Daesej’anique enjoys a variety of pastimes. She listens to a wide array of music. Her favorites are reggae, jazz and rock. Daesej’anique also attends school and cannot wait for reading class. She is a sports fan, too. She likes taking part in local baseball games and even had a great opportunity to dress in a uniform and circle around the baseball diamond. Daesej’anique grinned as everybody chanted her name when she rolled into home base. Her family was loudest in the crowd. They are her biggest fans. Her mother cried when Daesej’anique used technology to say, “I love you, mom.”

 Daesejanique needed a special needs stroller for transportation. She outgrew her old one and getting around town was impossible with their small family vehicle. Now she is able to get out into the community again!