Meet Daniella!



Meet eight-year-old Daniella. She was diagnosed at three months with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and global delay. Unfortunately, Daniella is cognitively similar to an infant. She is also unable to walk or sit upright without assistance. She has many other obstacles, including being nonverbal and cortically blind. She is a strong girl who is the inspiration for her family.


Daniella is distracted from her illness by enjoying simple pleasures. She listens to fun and upbeat music, but soft lullabies soothe this child after having a stressful day. She likes physical activities, too. Daniella is quite amused lying on her back and playing with her legs and feet. For her, the best toys are always within reach! Daniella also has the sweetest smile. She flashes her radiant whites and the result is falling in love with this angel. Daniella’s mom says that her daughter has a purpose. Maybe that purpose is to teach us how to appreciate the little things in life, especially if her name is Daniella.


The precious girl needs a Tram. This is an assistive device that can help her to stand while making transferring Daniella easier for the care givers. Please be a generous donor for her today!


Daniella received the TRAM she and her family spent yeas trying to get for her. She now has a safe way of being transferred, she can use it as a walker and even as a lift! We hope to make your daily life a bit better with this!