Dashaun’s Success!



Hip hip hooray! Eleven-year-old Dashaun has received a new manual wheelchair! Dashaun, otherwise known as Shaun, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is progressively weakening, which has caused his inability to walk or propel a manual wheelchair. Shaun also has limited speech capacity. Shaun, however, is described as being happy like a clam.

Shaun likes a variety of fun pastimes. He watches people playing video games on YouTube. Shaun has very weak hands and he is unable to participate; instead, he can enjoy the hobby vicariously through the internet media. He is also a huge fan of Spiderman. He has clothes and bed sheets from the web-slinging superhero. Shaun tires easily and is limited with physical activity, but he will throw briefly a ball to his dog Rowzer. The young boy likes to learn, too. He is currently a homebound student. Shaun’s grandmother, however, would prefer to see him with other kids in a public school. This dedicated grandma is Shaun’s primary caregiver. They are also the best of friends. She stepped up to be there for her disabled grandson so he can move towards a happy childhood. Shaun loves his grand savior.

Shaun’s new lightweight wheelchair will help make transportation around town much easier. He now can maintain doctor’s appointments and other important events!