Meet David!



Meet three-year-old David. Unfortunately, he was born prematurely, and oxygen loss caused him to have cerebral palsy. David has endured many challenges since his difficult birth. He cannot sit upright or walk. Instead, David is independent by scooting on the floor. He is cognitively underdeveloped and learning how to speak. David remains a happy child even while dealing with his obstacles.


David has a variety of cool interests. He never gets tired of watching the tv show, Chavo del 8. He enjoys playing on the floor with his toy cars. David’s favorite thing, however, is listening to his parent’s play music. David’s mom is a pianist and his dad is a drummer. David can spend an hour banging away on his dad’s drums, too. He also enjoys having physical therapy and riding on an adaptive tricycle. After a day of exercise, he is eager to eat his mom’s beans and rice. More importantly, this little boy is a people magnet. He never meets strangers; friends are everywhere. He smiles and says “hi” to anyone in his path. Meet David and discover why that path leads to our hearts.

David received a therapy trike. This trike helps him get added physical therapy while he just enjoys riding a bike with his friends. Therapy bikes provide a wide range of benefits from added legs strength cardiovascular endurance and core strength.