Meet Debanhi!



Meet 7 year-old Debanhi. This beautiful girl was diagnosed with lupus. One day she also stopped breathing for 25 minutes, which caused a traumatic brain injury and several complications. Her cognitive acuteness is comparable to a toddler. She also cannot walk without assistance. Her motor control and coordination is limited. She is still a happy girl even with these tribulations.

Debanhi can have a good time just like every other child. She watches television and movies. Her favorite program is Jesse. She frequently watches any movie from the Twilight series. Debanhi will also listen to country music, and her favorite is Dustin Lynch. More than anything, Debanhi adores her two pets. She has a bunny named Oreo and a dog named Coco. Debanhi proves that disabled children can still be fun-loving kids!

Debanhi’s family is requesting an adaptive tricycle for the deserving girl.  The trike will improve her overall strength and quality of life. They would be grateful if a generous sponsor could help her to achieve this goal!



Debanhi has been so happy with her new adaptive trike! Warm spring days have been perfect for an afternoon stroll  around the neighborhood. Sunshine on her face and wind in her hair….Debanhi loves going for a ride! The added exercise for her legs will certainly be beneficial during her physical therapy sessions.


Keep going Debanhi! Ride like the wind!