Meet Edwin!



Meet 12-year-old Edwin. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is unable to walk as a result of the illness, but he uses a power chair to be independent. Furthermore, he needs support to sit upright. Edwin, however, requires little assistance to be happy.

Edwin is a very fun-loving boy. He enjoys a variety of activities, including beating people at table hockey. He likes testing his limitations, too; he cannot wait for P.E. class. Edwin feels wonderful whenever he is outside in the sunshine; he particularly is fond of relaxing by the water while holding a fishing pole. At home, Edwin plays with his sister’s unique pet ferrets. He winds down the day by reading, and his favorite book is Tesla’s Attic. Edwin’s disability clearly does not hinder his drive for fun days!

Edwin needs a lightweight manual wheelchair. His power chair is unreliable, and a manual wheelchair will be a good backup. Please be a sponsor for him soon!



Edwin loves his new wheelchair!This lightweight wheelchair serves as a back up to his power chair. Manual wheelchair are able to go more places and are easier to transport! This gives Edwin the opportunity to go more places!!! The world is your oyster…go get it Edwin!