Meet Elisa!



Meet Elisa!  She is a 6-year-old little girl who suffered a TBI after her family was hit from behind by a drunk driver.  Elisa was very young at the time, was properly seated, and somehow managed to survive the entire trunk of the car smashing all the way up into the front seat of the car.  She was internally decapitated, and surgeons worked hard to basically put her back together.  She has had a long, hard road of recovery, but somehow making miraculous progress.  Elisa can take a few steps with a gait trainer, but she really needs to develop her leg muscles and coordination in order to make real progress toward hopefully walking independently one day.  Her PT recommended a therapy trike to help give her the exercise she needs to reach her goals.  

Elisa has received her trike and is exercising every day now!  You go, Elisa!