Ethan Blankenhagen Pic

Meet 17 year-old Ethan. He has cerebral palsy and cannot walk. He depends on a wheelchair for mobility, but this does not stop him from moving through life.

Ethan could be defined as one cool guy. He loves sports, especially basketball. His favorite team is the Chicago Bulls and the player he cheers on the most is Derrick Rose. He also enjoys action movies with Vin Diesel. Ethan prefers, however, to be part of the action. He looks forward to physical education in school and exercises by riding an adaptive bicycle. He will even get a bit rowdy with his dad in a playful wrestling match. Ethan adores his family. That defines cool.

Ethan needs a concrete ramp for his house. Currently leaving is unsafe. A new and sturdy ramp will allow him to socialize with friends and attend school.