Meet Eve!


Meet 3 year-old Eve. At 3 months-old, she was having difficulty putting weight on her legs. Shortly afterwards Eve was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She can no longer walk or bear any amount of weight on her legs. She also has respiratory problems, causing her to be susceptible to pneumonia. Eve’s adventurous spirit keeps her active and happy.

Eve has done many interesting activities with assistance. Despite her inability to walk, she has managed to participate in ballet and rock climbing. Her instructors are very patient and helpful as she works hard with both pastimes. Eve loves animals, too. She had an opportunity to caress the soft fur of a live tiger. Eve is also learning how to play the piano. This diminutive, dynamic and disabled girl exemplifies making the best out of life.

Eve needs an adaptive tricycle to ride around with her 2 older sisters while they play on bicycles. Furthermore, the exercise will improve her overall health. Give the gift of fun and fitness to the deserving girl!




Eve is a girl on the move!!!! She is enjoying participating with her older sisters ridding around their neighborhood. She has the biggest smile on her face as she rolls past them and the laughter of the girls can be heard all around.


Enjoy your trike Eve! Keep rolling!