Meet Fabian!



Meet 3 year-old Fabian. The loving child has a multitude of diagnoses, including Agenesis of the corpus callosum and seizure disorder. He has many tribulations for a child so young.  His cognitive ability is undeveloped.  Verbal speech is impossible beyond making simple baby sounds. He cannot walk or sit upright without support. He is also visually impaired. Fabian’s courage and heart, however are not affected.


Fabian derives pleasure from listening to music like Mozart. He feels great being outside and playing in a swimming pool. He likes other activities, but nothing compares to the joy he gets from a special bond.  Fabian suffers from uncontrollable shakes. The tremors vanish only when he cradles his baby brother. Meet Fabian. The miracle.


Fabian needs an adaptive seating system to provide him with support and comfort. The new chair will give him more opportunities to join the family during fun gatherings. Be a sponsor today!



Fabian has his new Go-To-Seat. He is now able to sit comfortably and safely just about anywhere! He can be on the floor playing or at the table enjoying family diner time while being upright with great trunk support!