Meet Frank!



Meet seven-year-old Frank. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplesis. Frank is nonverbal, but through language therapy he is learning communication skills by focusing his eyes on specific targets.  He also is able to eat only pureed food. Frank has other challenges, including difficulty walking. The young boy never gives up having a happy childhood despite the obstacles.

Frank’s interests are varied. He listens to Christian and children’s music. His mom knows when he likes a song by the grin on his face. During the evening, the curious boy will listen to his mom tell a bedtime story. She creates the fables from her imagination, and each is designed to soothe the boy to sleep. His favorite activity, however, is going to physical therapy. He practices using a walker to gain leg strength. His mom and a therapist watch proudly as the disabled boy continues moving forward, leaving behind his disability with each step.

Frank needs a specialized walker to use at home. The equipment will help him to maintain strength and stamina. Please be a sponsor for this brave child.



This smile says it all…Frank is a happy boy in his very own Kid Walk! Now he gets to be independent at home and move around anywhere! Mom says he was even dancing in front of the TV!


Way to go Frank!