Meet Gabriel!



Meet six-year-old Gabriel. He was diagnosed with quadriplegia, developmental delay and seizure disorder. Gabriel endures several limitations resulting from his illnesses. He is cognitively impaired and nonverbal. He is currently learning how to eat solid foods.  Gabriel also uses a specialized walker for independent mobility. Gabriel endures these and other hardships with uncommon bravery.

 This young boy is best described as being a prince. He enjoys making people laugh. He is also very intelligent. He figures things out on his own and works hard to catch up to his peers. He even joins his friends by playing baseball that is specialized for disabled children.  Gabriel especially reveals his personality by waving to strangers and getting them to smile. Gabriel is friendly everywhere he goes, and his favorite place to be sociable is Disney. The happiest place on Earth is even better when we see this little Prince Charming!

Gabriel needed an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina and endurance. This will improve his possibility to bear weight on his legs and potentially walk!

Gabriel loves going out for a ride in the afternoons. He has a wonderful time pedaling around while his parents smile knowing he is getting much needed additional physical therapy!