Meet Gabriel!



Meet two-year-old Gabriel. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and Hirschsprung disease. He is unable to walk. He also cannot propel himself in his wheelchair.  Furthermore, Gabriel is nonverbal. The limitations, however, do not hinder his happiness.

Gabriel likes simple pleasures. His favorite television show comes from the U.K. and is called Badanamu. The cartoon is about small furry animals, and the program makes Gabriel laugh with delight! Gabriel watches football with his daddy, too. The little boy gets excited during games and he waves his hands like a true fan. He loves being with mom and dad. Gabriel will be in bed by his mom.; he reaches out to gently rub her arm. Next, he tries to find her face and his tiny fingers caress her with a loving touch. Mom said that his smile can illuminate a room, but his heart can change your world.

Gabriel needs a stander to help him become more independent. Be Gabriel’s sponsor today!



Gabriel finally has his very own stander! He is so happy to have a new spot for playing! What he doesn’t realize is that his body is getting a special treat: being completely vertical helping him stretch his muscles, boold circulation and even with digestion!


Keep going Gabe, your smile lights up the room!