Meet Gustavo!



Meet 14-year-old Gustavo. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, resulting in cognitive impairments. He is also blind and unable to walk. Gustavo, however, is not affected by his ordeals.

 Gustavo is an adorable child. He likes the swimming pool and splashing water on his face.  He probably has fun getting everybody else wet, too! He is also very tactile because of his blindness. Gustavo beams when he gently caresses his fingers over a person’s face. He does not need fingers to be touching. Everybody adores Gustavo. His friends give him hugs and smooches, and the boy giggles with excitement. He shares the love by blowing his own kisses. Move over Elmo! Gustavo has you beat by a smile.

 Gustavo needs an adaptive stroller for easier transportation. Please be a sponsor for him soon!


Gustavo received his brad new adaptive stroller. Among the many benefits of comfort and safety the ones he likes the most are that his feet no longer drag and he can now recline his head while out for a stroll!