Meet Jackson!




Meet eight-year-old Jackson, who was diagnosed with spina-bifida. He has endured nine surgeries and many obstacles. He is not able to walk without receiving most of the assistance. He spends much of the time scooting on the floor. Jackson also has visual challenges that require him to wear eye glasses. This young boy puts aside the trials and remains joyful.


Jackson keeps himself busy with numerous pastimes. He enjoys dancing to some of his favorite music, including songs by Megan Trainer and Katy Perry. He watches movies, too. Jackson has seen Toy Story and Monsters Inc. countless times. He is also very intelligent. Jackson’s mom home schools him and his two brothers. Jackson’s curious mind compels him to love every subject. Most of all, the sweet boy loves watching sports with his grandpa, and they cheer for their favorite teams. Jackson and his family are the only team that really matters. Not even an illness can beat their bond.


Jackson needs a new wheelchair. His old chair is too small and painful.  Please be a sponsor for Jackson!



Jackson got his new wheelchair! Mom is so excited about the wheelchair: “It’s so much better than the old one, not just for him. I can see he’s more comfortable and sits better but it’s also easier for me and my husband to push around!”


Jackson’s favorite are the colors that remind him of The Joker! Everyone in the family has a reason to love his new chair!