Meet Jean!



Meet 8 year-old Jean. He is a gentle boy who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cortical blindness. He is unable to walk or sit upright without assistance. His mobility is completely dependent on family. He is also unable to verbally communicate. Jean can still move beyond his illness and be positively adorable.

Jean spends the day doing a few of his favorite pastimes. He forgets about his troubles while listening to Dad’s favorite music. During meals, his diet is limited to pureed food, and he frequently wants plantains. Above all, Jean is a magnet for hugs and cuddles. Give him a hug and he will melt in your arms…and your heart, too.

Jean needs a wedge and a specialized mat to help re-position his posture and improve comfort. Please be a sponsor soon!



Jean’s family is really excited to have the special mat and wedge at home. This has helped position Jean within the family home that is not his wheelchair or his bed. He loves being in the family room and sharing time with his Mom & Dad!