Meet Jesus!



Meet 4-year-old Jesus. The young boy had a tough start in life. His mother was pregnant with Jesus when he was diagnosed with numerous conditions, including Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. He had back surgery at six days old, and spent the first 2 months in the hospital. He also had an operation at ten days old to implant a shunt. Years later and Jesus is still unable to stand or walk. Throughout everything he has his mom.

Jesus is able to enjoy life thanks to a loving mother. She plays children’s music so he can dance in his wheelchair. She introduces Jesus to a variety of food to give him a well-balanced appetite. She also assists him on a tablet where he learns how to mimic different animal sounds. They do these activities and more. To mom, her son Jesus, is her miracle.

Jesus needs a new manual wheelchair. He currently has a loner wheelchair which is unsafe and uncomfortable. Please be a sponsor to help him be mobile!



See the BIG smile Jesus has in his first wheelchair! Previously Jesus would sit on a regular stroller that had been loaned to his parents. Now he sits comfortable in his very own chair. This wheelchair has all the accessories Jesus needs to be comfortable and safe.