Meet Kenzly!



Meet 2 year-old Kenzly. The precious girl began life with difficult conditions. She was born premature, and the first 5 weeks were spent in intensive care. When she could not eat doctors performed several tests and an angioma was discovered on her liver. She became malnourished, causing her body inability to grow. She was eventually diagnosed with rickets disease and hypotonia.   She spent many more months in the hospital. Her daily life still involves numerous barriers.  Kenzly has chronic respiratory failure, and she is required to use a ventilator throughout the evening. She is also unable to use speech to communicate. Kenzly is a fighter despite the insurmountable odds.

Kenzly’s way of being distracted from her ordeals is having fun like other kids her age. She watches television and movies. She adores the show Bubble Guppies. Her favorite films are the newest animated hits, Sing and Trolls. Kenzly has a creative side which she shows through her painting hobby. Most of all, Kenzly loves her 2 dogs. She recently learned how to play catch.  Kenzly claps and cheers when her dogs return the ball. The furry friends wag their tails with every throw and ear scratch.

Discerning who is having a better time is impossible!


Kenzly is asking for a manual wheelchair to improve her mobility and independence. Please be a giving sponsor today!



Kenzly received her new chair at our Jail & Bail event. She loved the new independence it brought to her. Playing with the wheels and putting on the brakes seemed to bring her even more happiness. Her smile grew even brighter with every turn of the wheels realizing she could do it all on her own.