Meet Kevin!



Meet Kevin. He was diagnosed with a rare nervous system disorder known as Alexander disease. The illness destroys fatty tissues that help to send signals between nerves. The results are devastating. Doctors did not think that Kevin would survive his 4th birthday, but he defied the odds. Doctors again believed he would not see his 6th birthday, but Kevin refused to give up. Kevin is now 18 years old, but he has many challenges. He has been enduring frightful seizures since he was seven months old. Kevin is also nonverbal, but he uses a Dynabox assistive device to communicate. Furthermore, he cannot walk or push his manual wheelchair. Kevin is a miracle in more the one way.


Kevin’s philosophy is to be a volunteer and not a victim. He enjoys the ride of his life. Kevin likes a variety of outdoor activities, including going to the beach. The ocean air and warm sunshine provide much needed relaxation for the young man. He also has fun horseback riding. In fact, Kevin adores animals. He has three cats and a dog. One of the cats always sleeps near the side of Kevin’s head where his seizures are produced. The purring sound often soothes Kevin to a good night’s rest. Furthermore, Kevin works with powerful determination to be healthy. He exercises each day and inspires everyone with his courage. Kevin is a miracle of life and resolve. He is the only known person to survive the illness of his magnitude. He not only survives but thrives. Kevin is also a miracle of wisdom. Each day he looks at his mom as if to say, “I’m okay mom. I love you and the life you gave me.”


Kevin needs an activity chair for alternative seating and a place for doing his exercises. Please be a generous sponsor for Kevin!



Kevin got his new chair! In this new Hi Lo Activity chair Kevin has an additional seating option while at home. While in his activity chair he is even able to pedal his stationary bike and get some much needed physical therapy!