Levi’s Success!



Hip hip hooray! Thirteen-year-old Levi gets a Rifton Tram, a device that serves many purposes! Levi was diagnosed with a severe form of cerebral palsy which affects both of his arms and legs. Levi is not able to walk and he is confined to a motorized wheelchair. Levi continues smiling through life despite his illness.

Levi enjoys many activities. He watches movies and his favorites are the Toy Story films. He adores Tom Hanks and the Woody character. He was also excited to see Toy Story Mania at the Hollywood Studios theme park. Levi listens to music, too. His favorite artist is James Taylor. A highlight for Levi was attending a James Taylor concert. Levi especially likes the song “You’ve Got a Friend.” His best buddy is a service dog named Fortune. Levi calls his name and the loyal dog comes running with a wagging tail. Their bond is an example of a friendship worthy of song.

We are so happy for Levi.  The new tram will make life easier for him and his caregiver assisting them with transferring and walking. Yay Levi!