Meet Megan!




Meet 15-year-old Megan. She has been diagnosed with Spasticity which causes continual muscle contractions that impair movement and speech. Megan is unable to speak or walk. The most difficult aspect of Spasticity for Megan are constant tremors which progress over time. Consequently, she has lost the ability to feed herself.  Megan, however, is a high-spirited girl despite her disability.

Megan’s mom describes her as a blessing with unique interests.  Megan enjoys being around babies and other children, but she recently discovered boys!  Megan’s heart skips a beat whenever she sees her sister’s boyfriend.  Megan is very loving.  Recently Megan surprised everyone when her teacher realized that she can read and recognize numbers!  She is one smart cookie with so much trapped in her amazing mind.  She has donated her beautiful hair 3 times to Wigs for Kids which makes wigs for kids who suffer from baldness after chemo therapy.  Megan could be concerned with her own challenges.  Instead, this little girl wants to improve the world, one child at a time. She defines blessing.

Megan needs an adaptive tricycle. She rode a trike at physical therapy. Mom cried seeing her daughter having fun. The tricycle will also help her to exercise at home. Please be a sponsor for Megan!



Megan has her new trike! Look at her smile as she rides! We love these smiles! Mom told us Megan can’t stop smiling every time she’s on her bike.


Way to go Megan!