Meet Miroslav!



Meet 8-year-old Miroslav. His illness, cerebral palsy, has caused several challenges.  He uses a walker with difficulty. Miroslav’s verbal ability is also limited because of cognitive impairments. This is just the beginning of his story. His journey has been inspiring.

Miroslav was adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage; he did not have the freedoms which we enjoy in America. Two years ago, a loving and generous couple from the United States adopted the disabled child. He now has 3 siblings, including an adopted sister who is also disabled. Miroslav is getting accustomed to his new life. He is learning how to make his own choices, a freedom he never had in the Ukraine. Miroslav discovered the simple joy of being a child. He loves building; His favorite toy is a set of Lego’s which he uses to build rockets. Mom thinks someday he will be an engineer. He also has a Godfather who plays guitar in a band. Miroslav has fun copying by strumming the air guitar. Family is important to the once orphaned boy. Miroslav was given the best welcome to America. He was given a home.

Miroslav is requesting an adaptive tricycle to improve his strength and stamina. The trike will also give him opportunities to ride outdoors with his family. Please be a generous sponsor to Miroslav!



Mirsolav has his new adaptive tricycle! His mom mentioned he is so happy and exited to be on his new trike that he just smiles the entire time. With this trike Miroslav will gain much needed muscle tone and trunk control as well as practicing his balance. Keep up the good work Miroslav!