Meet Myron



Meet 15 year-old Myron, who was diagnosed with arthrogryposis. This illness is a congenital contracture of the joints, resulting in Myron’s inability to walk or perform other tasks. Metal plates and pins have been implanted over 5 surgeries to help improve his mobility. He is also a very cool guy.

Myron likes many things as other teenagers his age. He is a big gamer. He is very tough to beat at basketball video games. Myron also listens to a variety of music, but someday who wants to be a drummer in a popular country band. More importantly, he is very patriotic. Myron loves America and he shows his support by being in the ROTC. The young man knows that in this country he has the freedom to pursue his happiness, and not even a disease will prevent him from achieving his goals.


Myron is requesting replacement parts his wheelchair as it has quickly deteriorated with use. Please be a generous sponsor!




Myron received a brand new manual wheelchair! Nothing stops Myron, especially his wheelchair. This active boy is always on the move! Now he has a great new wheelchair to go with him.