Meet Natalie!



Meet 12-year-old Natalie. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. She also suffers from Tuberous sclerosis, a rare illness that creates noncancerous tumors throughout her body. As a result, she endured four surgeries on her brain.  The operations cause weakness on her left side. Natalie has many more struggles. She is cognitively underdeveloped. She cannot walk or verbally communicate. Natalie is very positive despite her challenges.


Natalie is described as a joyful girl. She is an amazing cheerleader for the Special Olympics; her spirit inspires  both  spectators and competitors. She also enjoys learning.  Natalie  attends school, and her favorite subjects are art and music. In the evening, she listens to her older sister read stories before bedtime. Natalie’s favorite book is “Where You are, My Love Will Find You.” Natalie will never be lost; she is always at the center of her family.


Natalie needs an adaptive tricycle to improve the strength in her left side. The trike will also be a fun way to exercise and be more active. Please be a sponsor soon!



Natalie loves the feeling of the fresh air as it hits her face when out on a ride! Mom told us that they always used to ride as a family and Natalie would ride in a child seat. When she grew out of it they had to stop their family outing as a regular bike was to dangerous for Natalie. With her new therapy trike Natalie now enjoys going on bike rides with her family…she’s unaware that there’s lots of physical therapy going on at the same time, for her, it’s just fun family time!