Meet Nataly!



Meet four-year-old Nataly. She was a miracle survivor from the beginning. Natalay was part of a quadruple birth. She was born premature and the smallest baby, weighing only one pound. Tragically, some of her siblings passed away. Doctors also gave Nataly a slim chance of surviving, especially after she suffered from a stroke. Nataly since then endures many challenges, such as cerebral palsy.  She now thrives with the help of the best support group.


Nataly is surrounded by a loving family. She watches her brothers play soccer, and they kick every goal for their number one fan. Nataly’s mom will turn on soft Christian music to soothe the girl. She sometimes  dances during an upbeat song, and mom observes with a big smile. Nataly’s favorite activity is to lay in bed with her mom and watch television. This mother and daughter duo are inseparable best friends. Mom calls Nataly, “My love, my princess.” Nataly beat the odds and lives happily ever after.


Nataly needs a roll-in shower to make bathing safer and more comfortable. Please be a sponsor for the sweet child!  




Natlay got a whole new bathroom!!! This transformation was really amazing! The closet turned into a roll in shower and a new sink allows Nataly to wheel close to the sink and wash her hands without banging her legs. No more dangerous, slippery baths in the bathtub for this adorable little girl!