Rowan gets a specialized tricycle!



Ten-year-old Rowan has received a customized tricycle! He will benefit greatly from the new piece of equipment and will use it for therapy. He was diagnosed with autism and developmental delay. Rowan is nonverbal. He also has mobility challenges. He lives every day to the fullest despite his illness.

Rowan enjoys exciting activities. He is described as an adrenaline junkie. He is fascinated by roller coasters and fast cars. He has a collection of books about various automobiles that he has read enough times to nearly memorize each page!   He experiences speed by using a steering wheel to play racing games on his Nintendo Wii. Rowan uses his imagination or video games to leave behind his disability in the dust!

The adaptive tricycle will help improve Rowan’s strength and stamina. The equipment will also give him more opportunities to socialize and be active with his friends!