Meet Sergio!


Meet 20 year-old Sergio. Cerebral palsy has made his life very difficult. He is cognitively equivalent to an infant. He cannot walk. He also is only able to eat food that has been put in a blender. Several years ago Sergio was in surgery for 12 hours to straighten his severely curved spine. He suffered through many seizures as a child, but thankfully the episodes have not reoccurred in over a decade. He is a peaceful guy despite everything he has endured.

Sergio is best described as very serene. He does activities which help him to relax. He listens to classical and Christian music, but at a volume that is low and not intense. He goes for walks every possible moment. The fresh air and sunshine make him feel great. Sergio is a big Disney cartoon fan, too. Turn on a Mouse House movie and he has a Goofy-sized grin! Sergio’s life might appear to be in pieces, but he keeps everything together with a peaceful heart.

Sergio needs a manual wheelchair. His current chair is falling apart, the armrests no longer have protective covering and exposed metal prongs are making his arms bleed. Getting a new wheelchair will greatly improve Sergio’s comfort and health. Please be a generous sponsor to help him as soon as possible!



The wait is over! Sergio finally has his brand new wheelchair! This wheelchair is custom fit for Sergio, it is now safe for him to ride on the bus to school. He can no longer injure himself with his wheelchair which gives great peace of mind to his mom and family.