Meet Shane!



Meet 11-year-old Shane. He was diagnosed with spina-bifida and hydrocephalus. He has endured 22 surgeries and each year he spends at least six months in a hospital. Furthermore, Shane cannot walk without assistance. The remarkable boy, however, is still able to have a great life despite his trials.


Shane had many fun experiences throughout the difficult moments. Shane’s family took him to the Magic Kingdom after he spent his birthday and Christmas in a hospital; the hard year ended with Shane’s smile!  He is also a huge baseball fan, and his favorite player is John Ryan Murphy from the Arizona Diamond Backs. Shane had the highlight of his life when  he met the star player! Shane even plays baseball, and his coach is like a member of the family. These and other opportunities were because of his devoted mom and grandma. Their dedication keeps this courageous child joyful and looking forward to each new day.


Shane needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. Please be a generous donor so he can continue moving  in style!



Shane was presented his new adaptive tricycle at his birthday luncheon! The first thing he said was: “It’s mine???? Can I get on it???” As soon as he was strapped in he began to pedal with the help of a small push from  Mom. Ride away Shane!!!! Ride like the wind!