Meet Shubham!


Meet 8-year-old Shubham. This sweet boy struggles throughout his life which  has been affected by cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia. He is also blind and his cognitive acuity is equivalent to an infant. Furthermore, Shubham is unable to speak or sit upright. He does not have any mobility which makes him bedridden. The list continues, but he is surrounded by something more powerful than his illness.


Shubham has a very sweet family. They endeavor to give him the best possible childhood. Dad plays soft Indian music, which always puts a smile on Shubham’s face. Big brother loves spoiling Shubham by reading him a bedtime story each night. He is also very connected with his mom and sister. The family unite to care for his needs without a grumble. Shubham is at the heart and center of their encompassing love.


Shubham needs a bath chair to make showering more comfortable and safe. Currently, the father holds his 8-year-old son while showering. The situation is dangerous and painful for Shubham. Please help soon!


Shubham recently received his brand new bath chair! Bathing has become the fun activity every child deserves!