Meet Thien!



Meet five-year-old Thien. He was diagnosed with a rare disorder known as chromosome deletion 14. Not much is understood about this illness, but the consequences are clear. Thien is nonverbal. He also cannot walk, and everyday tasks require assistance. He is also cognitively underdeveloped. Thien is a brave boy who fights for happiness.


Thien experiences pleasures in simple ways. He likes being with friends in school. At home, Thien loves to sleep. He feels rejuvenated after each nap. During lunch Thien’s favorite meal is soup and milk. He also listens to music. He never gets tired of hearing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap You’re Hands!” Thien’s disability makes his life more than a challenge, but he never gives up. Thien knows that life is still worth clapping his hands.


Thien needs a wheelchair for improved comfort and better mobility. This will be his first chair. Please be a sponsor for him soon!



Thien Ma received his very first wheelchair. He was so comfortable in his new chair that he immediately curled up and fell asleep nestled in his chair. This travel wheelchair provided Thien Ma and his parents an easy and safe way to transport him to and ffrom school as well as to his many doctor’s appointments.


Mant thanks to our generous donors who made this possible!