Timmy’s Success Story



Meet 8-year-old Timmy, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Timmy uses a wheelchair for independent mobility, but he also tries his walker and crutches. This young boy is determined to be strong and not give in to his disability.

Timmy has multiple ways of having fun. He watches television, and his favorite shows are Garfield and Spongebob. He listens to music, especially Imagine Dragons. Timmy also reads. His favorite book is about girl who struggles against a villainous mud puddle. Timmy’s best pals are two Australian shepherds named Madison and Blue. These faithful companions follow Timmy everywhere and make him happy with a wag of their tail! Most of all, Madison and Blue watch Timmy as he works hard to reach his goal. Timmy is dedicated to walking without assistance and take the steps towards independence. We are all cheering for this strong boy!

Timmy needs an adaptive tricycle to build up the strength and endurance in his legs. Please be his sponsor so he can accomplish his goal!



Thanks to the FMC Foundation of Caring, Timmy has received his trike!!  He is having fun while building up his lower extremity strength, which will hopefully help him walk independently one day!  Go, Timmy!