Tyson’s Success Story!


Tyson is a bright-eyed 2 year old who suffers from Sturge Weber Syndrome and seizure disorder.  Sturge Weber Syndrome is a neurological disorder marked by a distinctive port-wine stain on the forehead, scalp, or around the eye. This stain is a birthmark caused by an overabundance of capillaries near the surface of the skin. Blood vessels on the same side of the brain as the stain may also be affected, which is the case for Tyson.  Tyson is nonverbal and cannot walk.

Mom describes Tyson as a very strong boy who loves bright colors and seems very curious about the world around him.  His favorite movie is Toy Story, and he loves bananas.  

Since Tyson is immobile and cannot sit up or stand up on his own, his options for building muscle in his lower extremities are limited; however, a stander will help him develop muscle and help him learn to keep his legs straight as he begins his journey of learning to stand. 

Tyson has received his stander!  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is so grateful for the opportunity to help Tyson and his family!