Meet Uriel!



Meet 11-year-old Uriel. This young boy was diagnosed with spina bifida and Hydrocephalus. He also has severe scoliosis, and to treat this condition he had procedures implanting titanium ribs to keep his spine straight. He has endured 12 back surgeries, and he will need more for the next two years to lengthen the implants. Furthermore, Uriel cannot walk, although he is learning how to transfer with assistance. He has other challenges enough to overwhelm any adult. Uriel, however, has uncommon strength.

Uriel has a fun personality with varied interests. He is a huge fan of the WWE. He watches all the shows and plays with his collection of WWE figures. His favorite movies are Cars 3 and Monster Trucks. He occasionally likes spending quiet time reading a good book, especially Captain Underpants. He is even active with his friends. Uriel and his buddies’ best pastime is playing basketball during P.E. or at the park. In fact, Uriel is quite social. He never sees strangers; Uriel can meet a person one time and remember their name a year later. Most important is the disabled boy’s optimism and wisdom. He accepts his challenges. In his words, “I’m ready for anything that is coming my way, I’m ready and will face it with a smile!”

Uriel is requesting an adaptive bicycle to help improve his leg strength and stamina. The bike would also give him more opportunities to be active with friends. Please be his sponsor!




Uriel received his brand new therapy trike just in time for his birthday! At 11 years old this is his very first bike! A therapy trike will provide Uriel the opportunity to work a little extra o his physical therapy goals and optimize overall strength while improving his cardiovascular endurance and even helping him with weight management for ease of care.