Meet Weston!



Meet nine-year-old Weston. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He can only walk with great assistance. He is also nonverbal. Weston eats using a g-tube, but he is undergoing therapy to improve his ability to eat solid foods. Weston has many other challenges, but he remains very happy.


Weston is best described as a complete cutie. He listens to music and dances by swaying his body and waving his right hand in the air. He also adores playing with his five-month-old puppy. Weston roars with laughter as the playful dog licks his face. Most of all, Weston is very loving. He is eager to embrace a friend, pat a back, or even give somebody a massage. This remarkable child, who does not always feel good, spreads joy to anyone within a hug’s reach.


Weston needs a gait trainer to improve his leg strength and give him more independence. Please be a sponsor soon!



Weston loves using his new Gait Trainer! He is all smiles while walking down the street improving with every step he takes! Keep up the good work Weston!

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