Meet Yuseli!



Meet 17-year-old Yuseli. This young lady was born a healthy baby. However, she was not developing at a typical rate. She was diagnosed at the age of 5 with quadriplegia. Yuseli cannot walk. She also has limited speech. She is a joyful girl despite her joyless challenges.

Yuseli is a strong-willed teenager who has several interests. She has a full wardrobe of dresses and each is in her favorite color, pink. Yuseli’s mom worries that people will think her daughter has only one dress. Yuseli responds, “Each dress is different, but they’re all my favorite color!” She also has a bed-full of teddy bears. Yuseli manages to find room on the bed and each night she snuggles with her cozy collection. She also enjoys school, and she is eager to paint during art class. Yuseli even participates in a school bowling league. After a game, Yuseli builds up a champion-sized appetite; she cannot wait to eat her mom’s crispy chicken tacos. Yuseli loves life, and it shows with her ear-to-ear smile!

Yuseli needs an adaptive tricycle to help strengthen her leg muscles and stamina.  Please be a sponsor for her soon!




Yuseli got her new trike! They have been out every afternoon practicing! This will benefit Yuseli in many different ways. She will have improved strength and endurance, improved circulation and seated balance. All these things so many of us take for granted!