Zhy'Amir Best Pic

Meet 6-year-old Zhy’Amir, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was 4 months old. Zhy’Amir prefers to be independent as much as possible when it comes to his mobility. He uses a manual wheelchair that he propels himself in.  He is looking forward to receiving his gait trainer soon, so he can improve his leg strength and take steps  forward.

In all of his efforts to be independent, he does so with a positive attitude.  Zhy’Amir is a happy guy who is always smiling. He loves meeting new people and making friends.  His mom describes him as being loving and affectionate towards his family and friends. He loves music, particularly the guitar, which he is currently learning to play!

Zhy’Amir needs a vehicle lift for the family van.  A new lift will further his independence by providing a way to transport his chair to more outings.  Please help us provide this vehicle modification to Zhy’Amir by donating now!