Meet four-year-old Curren. He was the fourth person in the world diagnosed with a rare condition called HIVEP2, a neurogenetic disorder. The illness impairs movement and his cognitive development. He also has seizures and a compromised immune system. Furthermore, Curren is not able to communicate verbally or walk. He is currently learning how to crawl on the floor. Curren is a lovable and happy boy even with his many struggles.

Curren is very playful and fun. His favorite outing is visiting the aviary at the Brevard Zoo. He feeds the birds and laughs hysterically whenever they land on his head. He adores animals. His family has a rescue dog. Curren tries to say “dog” as he hangs on to the loyal pet for a ride.  Curren also has a great time singing, and he knows all of the words to “Wheels on the Bus.” The song makes him eager to ride the bus to school, where he attends pre-kindergarten. The best part of his school day is swimming in the pool and exercising. He works hard to stay healthy. In fact, Curren is determined to always move forward. He learned recently how to crawl on the floor. Curren tires after awhile, and he needs to stop. Once rested, Curren lifts himself up and continues crawling towards his destination. Meet Curren. He is an inspiring child who also moves the heart.

Curren needs an adaptive walker to help him train and improve his walking ability. Please be a generous sponsor soon!



Curen got his Kid Walk! We got a great email from his mom which conveys just how life changing this can be:


“You don’t know how much this means to us. It works wonderful inside our house, and Curren is now going up and down the hall, and into brother’s bedroom. There is nothing in front of him, so he’s able to reach new things that he never could before. He turned his door knob to his bedroom door for the first time this morning. It even has light up back wheels like his wheelchair. ”


Way to go Curren!