Meet Meybeline!



Meet four-year-old Meybeline. This little sweetheart has more insurmountable challenges than can be imagined. She endures global hypotonia and epilepsy. She is cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal. She is also completely blind. Meybeline cannot walk, stand, and she needs assistance to support her head and torso. Meybeline remains a cheerful girl despite these limitations.

 Meybeline is inherently joyful without doing fun activities. She does, however, enjoy listening to children’s music; each song increases the size of her brilliant smile. Meybeline also has a big appetite, even though she can only eat pureed food; her favorites include bananas and grapes. Most importantly, Meybeline has a kind heart that touches everybody, especially her dedicated mom. Meybeline’s mom describes her miraculously happy daughter: “She’s my everything, she’s my motor. I don’t think I could go on without her.”

Meybeline needs a manual wheelchair with specialized tie downs to secure her in a school bus. Please be her sponsor to keep her safe!

Meybeline received her very first wheelchair! You can see the happiness in her beautiful smile! Meybeline’s parents were still forced to use a baby stroller to try to transport their child. This new wheelchair will change their world! Not only is Meybeline more comfortable but she is also safe and secure and has some room to grow!